At the launch of these retreats, we wanted to choose destinations that are not only sacred and healing, but places where we can reconnect with nature, foster meaningful connections with the community, support sustainable tourism and local conservation efforts. With safety being paramount to the overall experience, please be assured Hayli has spent significant time in each of the chosen destinations as a solo traveller and has fostered meaningful relationships with locals in each community.

You can read a brief introduction about why Hayli personally chose each destination and explore more on their individual pages.


Bali | August 5 to 11

Sumatra | Dates TBD

Bukit Lawang is situated . The intention for visiting Bukit Lawang is to participate in a jungle trek with our knowledgeable guides. These men will identify different plant species, help us track wild orangutans,


Mandalay & Bagan | Dates TBD

Yangon & Inle Lake | Dates TBD

With an initial arrival in Yangon, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a city still influenced by British colonialism, but growing at a rapid pace. Yangon has become the cultural hub for youth and expats alike and offers a sensory experience unlike any other.

After two days of adjusting in Yangon, we will take a night bus as a group and arrive in Inle Lake the following morning. Upon early check-in, we will have a free day to allow for rest and relation before beginning our tours of Inle.

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