Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

At this time, we will only be opening applications to women. This isn’t to exclude to my fellow male creatives, so please hear me out.

With this venture being so new, I want the opportunity for women to feel comfortable taking their first leap into new cultures and destinations that may be an object of fear in the past. Many of the cultures we will be interacting with, women are not allotted the same opportunities as men. This is a chance for us to empower each other through cultural exchange and stand in our truths before we bring our fellow man into the fold.

Coed retreats are on the horizon for 2020. All I ask is for your patience!

What is the cost?

The cost will depend on the destination as well as the planned activities (for example, Sumatran Orangutan trekking is more expensive than a Balinese water temple cleansing). The beauty of traveling in a mid-size group is cost becomes less per person. By sharing more of the cost we can make this more accessible and less of a financial strain on everyone.

My sincerest goal is to make these retreats as affordable as humanly possible. I know how overwhelming international travel can be financially and I want these to be attainable.

Do you offer payment installments?

Because we want this to be attainable for everyone, we are happy to work out a payment plan with you one on one. Please be aware, the initial deposit is non-refundable and we will have a strict cancellation policy to protect the group’s investment in each experience.

What is included?

Each retreat will have significantly different itineraries given the cultures we will be interacting with and the activities we have planned. However, your “fee” will include all transport to and from the designated airport, shared accommodations, planned activities, scheduled guest creatives, welcome bag, and service fees for all the staff who will be taking care of our collective needs. Included meals will depend on the destination, but please see each itinerary for additional information.

You will be responsible for flights to and from, any additional grocery shopping beyond what is offered in the package, travel insurance, and any extracurricular activities you choose to participate in.

What can I expect?

One of the greatest lessons I have learned in my travels is when you abandon expectation, everything aligns as it is meant to. I know how hard it can be to trust in the unknown, but instead of what you can expect, I’ve written about what you can gain.

Please see more detailed information under Our Intentions as you will get a better understanding of what’s to come.

Is this solely a writing retreat?

Absolutely not. This is about opening your heart to the world and allowing yourself an opportunity to travel with like-minded humans. Writing is one of several elements and a part of the overall experience.

There is so much growth in being aligned within ourselves and with our surroundings. I want to explore both while introducing you to unique experiences sure to excite your senses. I’m eager to show you a corner of the world which has stolen my heart. Myself and the fellow Guest Creatives will teach you how to interpret your surroundings so you can preserve and share your memories with loved ones back home.

Yes, I will be forcing you to write, but it’s your choice to what capacity. If you want to Monkey Mind the entire week we are together, beautiful. If you’re curious about poetry and want to try your hand at Spoken Word, let’s grow through it together. If you’re a budding author who wants to be more confident in stringing together a narrative, we’re your sounding board. If you’re just here for the opportunity to travel, that’s awesome too! I trust you’ll join us in our creative exercises to tap into the full potential of your experiences.

…but I’m a TERRIBLE writer!

Perfect! This isn’t about being good or bad at writing. It’s about using creative expression to explore our surroundings, connect with each other, foster a deeper understanding of our place in our world, listening (and trusting) the voices we have inside ourselves, and how we can improve our everyday lives by opening hearts just a little more.

Application Requirements

Because this retreat is about self-discovery and open communication, I want to ensure a balance of heart-centered humans interested in personal growth as well as community engagement. I know being in foreign lands can cause tension internally as well as externally, so it’s important for us to have complimentary personalities in the group.

Simply put: show me what your heart is made of. Bare me your soul and there will be no reason for me to say no.

How do I apply?

Once dates have been announced, please fill out this Google Form. The questionnaire is the same for each retreat and is an opportunity for our Creative Leads to get to know our attendees.

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