Garin Wamser

Friends in Bali

In twenty-two years of being on this Earth, there have only been a few moments where I can honestly say I felt pure joy. Bali has given me the ability to surround myself with newly made friends from all over the world.

Being consumed by the beauty this land has to offer, and having the opportunity to experience a culture that seemed so foreign to me, has given me a new perspective on life.

Participating in group workshops gave me insight on how others find joy. Situations and experiences that seem strange to me can be someone else’s passion. This new perspective has opened my mind up to experiencing new things. One of those new experiences is group meditation. Group meditation has allowed me to understand that certain environments and sounds can play a big part on whether or not the meditation worked for a person.

The people and environment that you surround yourself with can impact your overall experience. People that share similar experiences in life and the way they perceive the world makes all the difference. If it weren’t for the amazing friends I made in Bali, my experience there would have been completely different. I will forever be grateful for my memories of Bali and the life long friends I made.

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